The Staff

Jason Brockmeyer

Jason Brockmeyer is often the first person customers see when they walk in the door of Mary Cody’s Restaurant & Maggie’s Lounge. He’s there with a smile and casual grace ready to mix up your favorite libations.

Born in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, Jason moved to La Crosse in 1991 to attend the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse where he played varsity golf. He first met Mary while working as a “cart boy” at Bluff’s Country Club, better known as Forest Hills. Mary was head chef at the time.

“Mary would always go out of her way to take my food order,” recalls Jason. “I was nervous to ask her for something specific, so I would say ‘whatever you got.’  The food was always different and fun.”

Jason first entered the hospitality industry working as a bartender at a downtown La Crosse bar. In a chance meeting two years ago with Mary, she invited him to tend bar at her restaurant.

“I thought it would be a nice opportunity to reconnect with Mary and do what I love to do—meet people and offer great customer service,” he says. 

Jason has been a welcome sight for customers ever since then. He also works full time at Coulee Tap Service.

“I love the crew here,” he says. “Over the years the one thing I’ve learned about Mary is family comes first, and she makes you feel like family working here.”

Karen Olsen

Karen Olsen

Karen moved to La Crosse in 1977 to go to school for commercial art and has been using her creative talents ever since. She has designed and painted everything from signs to portraits. Her work has been featured at Wild Wings, and she contracts on the side for private drawings. Her amazing artistic talent can be viewed at the restaurant in the drawing of Maggie, the yellow lab that the lounge is named after.

A certified mixologist, she joined our team as a lead bartender shortly after Maggie's Restaurant opened six years ago. Soon after she became a key person in total operations of the restaurant and uses her creativity in decorating, floral design, sign development and sometimes even baking. Her attention to detail is reflected in everything she does. Karen says, "As a portrait artist I find working with Mary and her team creative and inspiring."

Meng Moua

Meng Moua

Meng Moua joined my team in January this year and has proven to be a creative asset to my kitchen. He pays attention to detail and is a pleasure to work with. He's behind many of the great dishes at my restaurant.

I'm Meng Moua. I was born and raised in La Crosse and attended the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in 2010.

My passion for cooking comes from my family; they inspired me to become a chef. I enjoy all sorts of foods, but if I had to choose one cuisine it would have to be Chinese.

I've been cooking for my family and friends since I was a teen. I've also worked as everything from a dishwasher to an early morning baker.

My passion for food comes from my mom who taught me the basic skills I use every day in the kitchen and the secrets to cooking food from my culture.